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- measurement of hardness Rockwell, Super-Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell

- built-in load cell for monitoring load

mechanical protection (protective cover) turrets from damage when you install the sample

unique patented device the spindle with a built-in internal spring, ensures, first, smooth it rise, second, the permanent torque of a sample, regardless of the efforts made by the operator during the lifting of the spindle. This clamping device allows to measure hardness on the samples with rough surface and on samples with a center of gravity shifted beyond the table

- built-in digital camera resolution 5 IPCC

- auto focus

- automatic measurement of the fingerprint with optimized algorithms

specialized optics with the optional 5-step digital zoom

- automatically focus on the sample surface.

- ultra-high speed measurement cycle (switch the lens to the indenters back and forth, the measurement of the imprint)

black led backlight

all elements of the electronics (camera, controller, batteries, USB license key  etc.) integrated into the housing, ensuring the minimum necessary number of external cables to connect the system to the computer 1 USB cable

- touch control display

- built-in software WinСontrolна Windows

- motor driven turret that provides a supply of indenter or lens to the sample

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