Растровый электронный микроскоп предназначен для получения изображения поверхности объекта с высоким пространственным разрешением, также информации о составе, строении и некоторых других свойствах приповерхностных слоёв.
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Effective and easy to manage REM AIS2300C 

have You ever thought that the Electronic scanning microscope is simple to operate  and it will be able to work with multiple operators?

AIS2300C  has a high resolution and easy to manage, so it without difficulty it is possible to obtain an image of high magnification.

Even a novice user within 10 minutes you will be able to obtain a high quality image with AIS2300C .

Operating nanosystems AIS2300C provides automated table with one click "mouse".

Easier than ever, REM AIS2300C Anastacia.

an Automatic table with 5 axes.

AIS2300C  fitted with a fully automated table with five axes (X,Y,Z,T,R), which allows to move the sample by the operator. Feel the convenience!

System  Click& Move

Modern motorized  the table allows users to move the sample by pressing the "mouse" on the screen image.

Zoom in&Out

the Steps to increase or decrease a screen image are just  the scroll wheel of the mouse "mouse". Manage growth with this function becomes  very simple.

Support  a variety of display modes.

AIS2300C supports 5 modes of display and additionally Average functionality.

users Select forms  unlimited.

High Quality Image

AIS2300C delivers images up to 5,120х3, 840 pixels, which allows to obtain an adequate picture of image at very high magnifications.


AIS2300C provides a histogram function that allows you to get a more accurate picture of the image.

Certain "Hot buttons" of the user.

Providing this function in AIS2300C allows the user to quickly obtain the result of commonly used functions.


the BSE Detector.

In addition to  re detector AIS2300C provides 4-channel solid state BSE detector. This allows us to observe non-conductive samples without coating.  the User will receive in CX and rd series  dynamic images with BSE detector.

Ion installation coating ( KIC-1A,SPT-20)

the Use of ion installation coating  Au   Pt needed for scanning electron Microscopy.  AIS2300C offers a cost-effective vacuum system with a high precision coating and in the same time easy to work. This setup meets all the necessary requirements of the user.

Target Au or Pt

Size of target 50mm

Power 220V/ 60Hz/500vatt

the Ion current 1-7 mA

chamber Size 100 mm diameter

dimensions 380(W)X250(D)х330(h) mm

Additional features

LV( Low vacuum) System

REM AIS2300C support  a low-vacuum mode as an option. This option  directs the user  to analyze special samples that require low vacuum mode or condition.  moisture  samples are  examined by combining the LV system with a BSE detector.

Cooling table.

REM AIS2300C uses  cooling table  biological  and moisture-containing samples. Sample when it is frozen  – 25 degrees C and  allows users to analyze   with high accuracy.

customization REM

AIS2300C has  extensive experience in design and research  and responds to different ideas or requirements. For example,  REM for inspection  in some cases  require  accelerated automation  and increased camera samples for plates with a diameter of 300 mm. 

Увеличение:: 15-300000х
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