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Optika B-1000POL

Поляризационные микроскопы от итальянского бренда Optika отличаются своей высокой точностью и эргономичным дизайном корпуса. А высочайшая категория оптических элементов позволяет получать четкое и чистое изображение при решении любых задач.
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the Company OPTIKA, thanks to the vast experience in the development of microscopes, introduced the world to a new model of research level geoscientists - B-1000POL. In creating this model, the company has considered all feedback from users from all over the world. The model is modular and allows to adapt to any tasks of any laboratory, whether you are working in the transmitted light or the reflected. Easy access to all controls, easy to set up all the settings ergonomic arrangement of the eyepieces will allow anyone without fatigue to carry out any work. Highest category of optical elements of this model allows to obtain a clear and clean picture when solving any tasks. The mechanical design of the top-tier will provide long life and reliability. Model B-1000POL built on infinitely corrected optics that allows the customer to integrate additional elements into the design, helping to solve not standard tasks. X-LED illuminator to provide long service life and low power consumption. Model B-1000POL will help to get quality images of geological thin sections and polished sections, together with digital camera PRO series 5 COOL Peltier-cooled, which is recommended for the microscope.

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X-LED illuminator

X-LED lighting system based on high-performance led, producing uniform white light and special optics. Guaranteed constant light temperature, no overheating and low power consumption. The system lifetime of at least 50,000 hours.


Selecting tripods

Choose a manual or motorized tripod to work. Motorized focus will be made of the software with an accuracy of 0.125 µm.



Low-lying knobs control the focus and the table allow you to quickly and conveniently conduct research. The most frequently used control knobs aperture and lighting are also very convenient, allowing you to take your eyes off of the test specimen. All tubes are located in the eyepieces and the diopter setting to configure the best display for every operator.


Rotating graduated centered table

Use the convenient classic table widget on the perimeter of 0.1 degrees. The table has holders for thin sections, polished sections, and can be completed with an additional table for our two axis filament of movement samples on the rotating table.



IOS high Quality polarized lenses

Optics corrected to infinity, based on planachromatic lenses gives clear and clean images through the eyepieces and using a digital camera. 5 positional revolvers lenses with centered sockets allow a high definition, true colors to picture. Using these lenses easy to determine the minerals, the colors will not blend together, will be easily distinguishable and readable.



digital camera

For polarization microscopes we recommend the PRO COOL 5 cooled Peltier which has more accurate color reproduction, thanks to the low noise. Often, the work on studies of thin sections and polished sections is done in real time where you want the live image. This camera is the best way to cope with this task.

Increase: up to 1000x
Methods of contrast enhancement: bright, quantitative polarized polarizaci
Tripod: iron, coarse and fine focus(moving table)
Illuminator: transmitted and reflected light LED illuminator 50 W; color temperature: 6300 K; approximate service life of the diode: 50000 h
Table: rotatable, with graduation of 0.1 deg.
Revolver: 5, 6-position for light - and darkfield objective lenses
Lenses: 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x polarizing lenses (plan Achromat)
Tube: trinocular, inclination of 30°, and 360°rotation
Eyepieces: wide-field eyepieces WF10x with field of view 22 mm
The condenser: 0,90 N. A. folding polarized
Dimensions: dimensions: 480х245х380; weight: 9 kg
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Optika B-1000POL