Надежный прибор для измерения твердости по шкалам Роквелла и Супер-Роквелла. Прибор идеально подходит для контроля качества различных типов изделий из металлов и сплавов, а также полимерных материалов по шкалам HRR, HRL, HRM
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- Measurement of hardness on Rockwell and Super-Rockwell

- To ensure high alignment and ease of change of indenters, their fixation on the hardness of osushestvlyaetsya with a spring element on the surface of the pin without the use of side screws

For depth measurement using a sensor of linear displacement LVDT located strictly along the axis of the indentation

- The application and removal of the main load automatically

The app pre-load in the manual mode. Indication of the level of pre-load by: runner on the LCD display, audible alarm and automatic lock screw lift table for the entire test cycle while achieving the required load

- user-configurable screen display of measurement results and statistical data

- simultaneous calculation of up to 4 hardness values transferred to other scales

resolution of hardness values up to 0.01 HR

- adjustable dwell time under load 1-50 sec

- internal memory up to 999 measurements

- correction of the measurement values on a cylindrical surface

- USB 2.0 port for export of measurement results in the format .csv on the USB flash drive

- RS 232 port for printer connection

illumination area dimensions.

Система: автоматическая
Силы: 60/100/150 кгс
Комплекстация: полностью автоматизированный
Оборудование: ЖК экран
Толщина: 289 мм/175 мм
Дополнительно: HB, HV, HK и т.д.
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