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The company AKSALIT Soft goes on tour!
20 September, 15:45

Combining the expertise of our staff and new technology, we have created a company, claiming the leading position for the supply of laboratory equipment. Industry laboratory equipment is incredibly complex and requires the highest professional competence. Like no other our managers has the most complete information about the goods presented. IT experts have developed high-quality and fast software AXALIT Soft for optical microscopy. Unique technology of continuous crosslinking and analysis of panoramic images will increase the efficiency, performance and speed of your work.

to Be a customer on the same wavelength – the key to successful cooperation. And for us it is not just words, but a call to action! Therefore, the company AXALIT Soft starts the tour with a demonstration of the capabilities of their equipment and technologies. Ahead

more 34 areas

13 regions

5 republics

and only 3 month 

During this time, any company who left the request on website, will host a free full demonstration inverted microscope Leica DMI8 C, digital camcorders for microscopes and the newest software AXALIT Soft. During the presentation you will learn about all the unique features and innovations in your industry. Learn more about the new and seamless panoramic images.

For those whose work is connected with metal additionally to be demonstrated compact and most accurate x-ray fluorescence analyzers.

Brilliant product knowledge is a hallmark of our employees, so you can be assured that no response will not remain a single issue. Those who are interested in sample preparation and test machines, we have prepared a complete information. You new look at the world through pressing and grinding. A new cutting machines and testing machines for all types of work will not leave you indifferent. Because our goal is to provide your work the highest quality.

You also want to personally meet with us? Then make application.


List of cities and dates for the presentations:

Sverdlovsk oblast 18 to 30 September

Kurgan/ Chelyabinsk region 25-30 September

Bashkortostan/ Orenburg oblast October 30 – November 3

Omsk/ Tyumen region October 2-6

Perm Krai November 6-10

Udmurtia/ Kirov oblast 13-17 November

Mari El Republic/ Tatarstan Republic/ Chuvashia October 9-13

Volgograd/ Samara/ Saratov/ Ulyanovsk region 23-27 October

Leningrad oblast 23-37 Oct

Vologda/ Novgorod/ Pskovskaya oblast October 30 – November 3

Moscow/ Moscow/ Vladimir/ Ivanovo/ Kaluga/ Ryazan/ Smolensk/ Tver/ Tula/ Jaroslavl region Oct 16-20

Belgorod/ Bryansk/ Voronezh/ Kostroma/ Kursk/ Lipetsk/ Nizhny Novgorod/ Penza/ Orel/Tambov/ October 2-6

the South of Russia October 30 – November 3