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First Ural award "Metallurgist of the year"

11 September, 09:40

In late August, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the annual prize of the Ural "Metallurgist" the 2018. First, the event gathered more than 100 participants from 35 metallurgical and related businesses from across the country.

Award Metalloved year 2018

the event was attended not only by members and guests, but also representatives of the Ministry of industry and science of Sverdlovsk region and Ural Federal University. the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin. Deputy head of science and innovation of the Ministry of industry - Zhuravlev Stanislav Ivanovich, emphasized the importance of the profession metalloved to the Urals and the country as a whole. As acting Director of the Institute of New Materials and Technologies - Kurenkov Dmitry V., noted the high level of submitted work.

Deputy head of science and innovation of the Ministry of industry and science of Sverdlovsk region - Zhuravlev Stanislav Ivanovich

More than 30 scientific papers in four main nominations were received in the qualifying stage. And only half were selected by the expert Commission in the next stage. In the end, the finalists of the first prize of the "Metallurgist of the year" are:

In the category "Metallochemia" won Commissioners Alexander, national research technological University "MISIS", Moscow.

Pavlova Natalya from the Vyksa metallurgical plant, Vyksa, won in the category "Metallography".

winners of the award Metalloved. Metallochemia and Metallography

Main prize in the nomination "Metallofizika" received Sergeenko Sergey, URGU (NPI), Novocherkassk.

In Ecology a silver statue took Radik hisamutdinov Yusupovich, LLC "solid waste "ECOservice", Yekaterinburg.

award Winner Metalloved year 2018 in the category of Ecology

According to the web audience voting in special categories "steel engraving as art" and "the Best preparation", which involved images done with microscope, the winner was a Tokareva Natalia - JSC "MMK-METIZ", Magnitogorsk. Partners presented the Awards to photographs of the following authors:

  • Kostousova N. F. - JSC "EVRAZ NTMK", Nizhny Tagil
  • Pustovarova, I. - Central plant laboratory of JSC "RUSAL Krasnoyarsk", Krasnoyarsk

Winner in the special nomination Metallography is both an art and the Best sample preparation

Winner of the special nomination steel engraving as an art

Leica DMi8 award Metalloved of the year

Award Metalloved year 2018

Award Metalloved year 2018

Premium Metallurgist of the year