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17 October, 15:31
Создавать новое и делиться опытом с другими – неотъемлемая часть компании АКСАЛИТ Ежегодно менеджеры компании повышают свою профессиональную компетенцию в сфере лабораторного оборудования, а IT-специалисты непрерывно работают над программным обеспечением AXALIT, доводя его до совершенства. Для того чтобы поделиться новыми знаниями и техническими возможностями лабораторного оборудования компания АКСАЛИТ традиционно отправляются в тур! Больше городов! Больше возможностей! В этом году мы
11 September, 09:40
In late August, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the annual prize of the Ural "Metallurgist" the 2018. First, the event gathered more than 100 participants from 35 metallurgical and related businesses from across the country. the event was attended not only by members and guests, but also representatives of the Ministry of industry and science of Sverdlovsk region and Ural Federal University. the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin. Deputy head of science and innovation of the
27 July, 16:16
Qualifying stage is already long gone, and now award "Metallurgist of the year" experiencing the most intense and exciting phase of voting. On the official website of the Award in full swing an open vote in special categories. Steelmakers and metallurgists from across the country cast their votes in the most intricate and unusual structures in the category "steel engraving as an art" and admire the professionalism of the technicians on the structure of the micro-sections in "the sample
02 July, 14:31
In 2018, the company "AXALIT Soft" has developed and successfully put into operation software on the basis of neural networks. Idea of the updated software AXALIT lies in the fact that most closely simulates the operation of the human brain — namely, the ability to learn and correct mistakes. This is the main feature of neural networks is that it not only analyzes incoming information, but reproduces it on the basis of previous experience, each time making fewer mistakes. How it works, and what
13 June, 16:45
In May 2018 software "Axalit Soft" in the complex "System analysis microstruture objects AXALIT" was included in the State Register of measuring instruments, as evidenced by the legislatively approved Certificate EN.C.27.005.A No. 69794.