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24 April, 11:25
Компания АКСАЛИТ открывает прием заявок на первую ежегодную уральскую премию «Металловед года». Премия «Металловед года» создана при поддержке Министерства промышленности и науки Свердловской области с целью развития научного потенциала и решения наиболее актуальных производственных, технических, экономических и экологических задач на металлургических предприятиях. В экспертную комиссию по присуждению премии входят научные сотрудники и преподаватели Уральского федерального университета имени
20 September, 15:45
Combining the expertise of our staff and new technology, we have created a company, claiming the leading position for the supply of laboratory equipment. Industry laboratory equipment is incredibly complex and requires the highest professional competence. Like no other our managers has the most complete information about the goods presented. IT experts have developed high-quality and fast software AXALIT Soft for optical microscopy. Unique technology of continuous crosslinking and analysis of
08 September, 12:27
the Company AXALIT Soft is not static and is constantly being improved. View the updates that appeared in the third release 2017. software  AXALIT Soft.  AXALIT offers a new version of the functional panel. Now the buttons to copy, delete, cut and paste images from/to gallery located in the upper left corner of the pane. Added a new function to the processing of images in gallery: contrast, blur, gamma correction (figure 1).   figure 1. Functional panel in the AXALIT Soft 2017.3 also added the
18 July, 14:07
international exhibition INNOPROM held in Yekaterinburg annually since 2010 and is an important industrial forum in Russia. Every year increases its importance, scope, branding and business efficiency. In the exhibition INNOPROM-2017 was attended by more than 640 industrial companies from 20 countries of the world. the Main theme of the exhibition this year is - "Smart manufacturing. A global approach". the Company Axalit also not spared by this great event. Was submitted to the following
04 June, 12:53
Company MTDI Inc, located in South Korea in Daejeon. The company's main activity is the production of metallurgical equipment (cutting machines for metallographic laboratories and workshops grinding and polishing equipment for metallographic specimen, and the press for pressing metallographic samples, testing machines tensile, compression, bending). The company also produces specialized equipment for various tasks (pipe reliability tester, elecric radiator, plate heating simulation tester,