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Специализированный программный комплекс AXALIT с большим набором методик по анализу изображений и возможностью сшивки панорамы неограниченного размера в режиме реального времени.
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The modular structure of the software AXALIT Soft allows you to perform image analysis for various sectors of the market: metallurgy, machine building, mining, chemical, nuclear industry, microelectronics and various research institutes software and hardware complexes for studying the microstructure of the samples under study for compliance with various standards (GOST, ISO , ASTM, DIN, internal standards of the company, etc.)


The software is divided:

Axalit Base - Basic version of the software package

Axalit Castiron - Module for control of samples from cast iron

Axalit Biomedicine - Module for work with biomedicine

Axalit Steel - Control Module for Steel and Alloy Samples

Axalit Microchips - Microelectronics chip control module


The modular structure of the software includes such metallographic analysis techniques for steels, non-ferrous metals and alloys as:

- The grain size in steels and alloys GOST 5639, ASTM E112;

- Non-metallic inclusions in steels and alloys GOST 1778 (methods Ш and К);

- Analysis of graphite in cast iron GOST 3443;

- Relative content of ferrite and perlite GOST 8233;

- Measuring the length of martensite needles GOST 8233;

- Analysis of intergranular corrosion;

- Methods of comparison with standards standards, etc.

At the same time, it is possible to create a unique analysis technique according to the customer's technical task.



The software allows to carry out automated analysis of rocks, ore, enrichment and processing products, cement clinker, core. The software allows automatic quantitative measurements of mineral composition, granulometric composition, degree of disclosure of ore components and ore concentrates, to determine (classify) the main components with the classification of classes (quartz, spar, muscovite, biotite, rock fragments, carbonate cement, etc.). .



It is used for control and metrology of semiconductor wafers, analysis and surface morphology, allows to carry out geometrical measurements, create panoramic images with increased depth of focus, and apply annotations.



The software allows to automate histological, cytological, dermatovenereological studies.

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